Opalised Ammonite and Australian Opal Talisman

Opalised Ammonite and Australian Opal Talisman


Hand forged and fabricated by sterling silver, this necklace is one of a kind and a statement piece.

An Opalised Ammonite fossil is set in the center of this sculptural piece. Ammonite fossils are remnants of ammonoids, a sea creature that suffered extinction with the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago. This particular fossil has undergone a natural process during it’s fossilization that has created an opalescent sheen on the surface.

An Australian Opal doublet is bezel set in the bottom of the talisman.

Pendant is completed with handmade sterling silver chain.

Pendant: 80mm (length) x 45mm (width)

Chain: 16”-19” (adjustable)

sterling silver, australian opal, opalised ammonite

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