Opalized Ammonite Fossil Bracelet

Opalized Ammonite Fossil Bracelet


Bronze cast ammonite and trilobite fossils rest amongst rough and faceted stones in this statement bracelet. A opalized ammonite fossil is the focal point of this piece. Ammonite fossils such as the one embedded in this piece are often over 60 million years old. The opalescent hue that forms on the surface of the fossil is the product of a fine layer of the mineral aragonite that naturally covers the ammonite during the fossilization process. The opalized ammonite is flanked by an Australian boulder opal doublet, moonstone, and rough pyrite druzy. The bracelet is fabricated from sterling silver, fine silver, ancient bronze, and brass. and completed with a handmade sterling toggle clasp.

7 3/4” in length

26mm (width) x 10mm (depth at thickest point)

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